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Architectural Projection Mapping


There is nothing more exciting than illuminating and bringing a building alive through digital projection. Architectural projection and video mapping can alter the way people experience and acknowledge their environment. It can bring new narratives, contexts and experiences into the everyday surroundings. Seeing video mapping for the first time can be likened to breakthroughs of perspective painting in the 16th century or the advent of cinema at the end of 19th century.

We have a long experience of using both a 2d and 3d workflow to create and map the content for a project. This includes utilising 3d scans and photogrammetry towards show playback and video mapping with Disguise (D3)


Below is a selection of some of our architectural projection projects.

'About Us'

Projection-mapping, live music, education and participation combine to create one of the UK’s most ambitious touring outdoor performances.
About Us is a touring large scale public art event combining multimedia installations with animation, poetry, original music and live performance to explore the myriad connections between us, our planet, and the wider cosmos. The live show uses animation and projection mapping to transform buildings and landmarks in five towns and cities across the UK into vast canvases on which we tell the story of 13.8 billion years of hyper-connected history.
Tower of London 2022

59 Productions




After the success of ‘Reflections‘, 59 Productions was invited back to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, to create show in celebration of their 25th anniversary year.
Immersions took the experience of our 2017 show and turned it inside-out, bringing audiences inside the Guggenheim Museum to experience the celebrations from within the atrium.
Driven by the same spectacular soundtrack and threaded-through with the inception story of the museum, Immersions placed the viewer at the beating heart of an all-encompassing projection sound and light experience.
59 Productions and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao invited the citizens of Bilbao to join in celebration inside the transformed atrium, enveloping our guests into a world of sensory stimulation, sound, light and projection.

59 Productions

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