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Floodlights Festival,
Hull Absolutely Cultured 2021

Overflow was a commission by Absolutely Cultured in Hull as part of the Floodlights festival. The festival premise was based on the lives of the people of Hull and how they are shaped by their proximity and relationship to water. Working in partnership with Living With Water, Yorkshire Water and the University of Hull, we explored these issues – now even more pertinent than ever.

The inspiration for Overflow began with the unique architectural design of the Trinity House Academy.

However, the rich history of the Trinity House Academy as a nautical school, it’s traditions and cultural significance within Hull’s relationship with water and the oceans, soon became central to our formulation and structure of the piece.  We visited the school over a number of days to meet the students and teachers asking what water and, more significantly, the seas has meant to both the school and the students in the past, what it means to them now and also in the future.

Together with electronic musician and sound artist Leigh Toro, we created a journey of the deep, via bioluminescent lifeforms, lost treasure, and the ringing of schools famous ships bell to emerge in a cacophony of sound and aqueous colour based on those conversations with the students of Trinity House Academy

Technical Advisor: Adam Long

Technical assistance: Dan Gray (Graymatter video)

Absolutely Cultured


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