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Immersive Experiences / Gallery Installations


We've created many fully immersive experiences where the audience is enveloped within the projected space. These types of setups usually require a minimum of three projectors, but the final number can be anything depending on the size and requirements of the space. The content has the possibility of being interactive with the media making every visit a unique experience.

Previous installations have included galleries, shopping centres, bars, nightclubs, climbing walls/centres,  warehouses and bespoke made spaces including curved walled spaces.  We can take control of both content and the design and technical programming.


Some examples are below

Tom - Wilkie Branson


"A sublime, slow-burn study of isolation"

Part dance performance, part film, this solo show is a note-perfect portrayal of the all-consuming nature of loneliness" Lyndsey Winship, The Guardian

TOM is a dance for camera installation created by award-winning choreographer and film-maker, Wilkie Branson.  Wilkie explores storytelling using the hip hop language of b-boying, bringing it together with cutting-edge technologies including animation, projection mapping and surround sound.

TOM is set in a hinterland between the civilised world and the wilderness, it tells the story of one man’s journey to rediscover who he really is.


Commissioned and Co-Produced by Sadler’s Wells. Co-Commissioned by Pavilion Dance South West. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England with additional support from the Unicorn Theatre, Hive House London, Theatre Bristol, Capture Reality and Floating Harbour Website Design. Research and development supported by Sadler’s Wells New Wave Associate Programme and Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham.


TOM’s physical installation is made of 3 pepper scrim holographic gauzes, onto which the film is projection mapped, giving a layered, almost pop-up effect, to view the film.

Tom is chosen as part of the Venice Dance Biennale 2021.

Tom - Conceived, Direction and Content: Wilkie Branson

Video Design, Consultation & Programming by Vent Media

onedance wards.jpg
I Infinite

I infinite is an immersive contemporary dance experience made for galleries and white box spaces. Free to roam, audiences witness the performance close up glimpsing refined movements often missed in more traditional theatre spaces.

Set in a white, digitally animated environment, I infinite is a  multi-media dance installation.
The  visual imagery and effects draw you within centimetres of the dancer. Existing between the digital and organic worlds our character embarks on a captivating journey to the infinite.

I Infinite has toured internationally including Israel, Hong Kong, and Europe and continues to tour worldwide.


2013- Current

Djanogly Art  Gallery 'Highfields Lido' Installation

During the  summer  of 2017 we helped the Djanogly Arts Gallery make  a splash by helping them celebrate 25 years of Nottingham Lakeside Arts.

Creating a fully immersive installation within the Djanogly Gallery we re-imagined  the old Highfields Park Lido, Nottingham largest outdoor swimming pool which was previously on the exact same site. The commission took visitors through a unique and interactive dip through the decades, from the opening of the Lido in 1924,  to its final season in 1980, and on to the opening of the Djanogly Gallery in 1992.

Eight projectors, two media servers, and two Kinect Cameras were required to fully cover the 130m2  gallery space with the artwork that included 13 true to life scale synchronized swimmers both in and out of the water.


Enchanted Forest: Interactive Installation
Lakeside Arts 2023

During the summer of 2023, we created a fully immersive and interactive installation based on the theme of the Enchanted Forest. The commission was to create a unique experience that would attract all ages. Over 24 minutes, the forest shifted through 24 hours, with different creatures venturing into the clearing to interact with the audience.

The project was a huge success, attracting over 15,000 people to the gallery over the summer weeks.


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