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Glastonbury 2023.

The Temple Stage, The Common


For Glastonbury 2023 we were invited by the amazing Limbic Cinema to oversee the video mapping & programming for the Temple Stage at The Common. It was the first year that the stage ran on a Disguise GX2C, with Notch creating generative reactive content and topped off with renders from VDMX and Resolume. 

It was great to get back to our VJing roots and to work with an amazing team.

Artwork and Notch Creation:

Limbic Cinema

Vent Media

Original Model and Photogrammetry:

Limbic Cinema

Disguise Programming and Mapping:

Vent media

Vjing Performances:

Limbic Cinema

Vent Media

Mash Cinema

Laura Murphy (PuttyRubber)

Ben Cooper

Simon Luscombe

Projectors, Disguise and Technical Support supplied by:


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